Unusual errands

Ran a few unusual errands Monday and took some photos. By way of explanation, allow me to start with a few boob shots:

The fine print indicates that your boobs will sweat in high humidity

This should be on a t-shirt

No, I was not in a consultation for a boob job. I don’t like surgery; I don’t like anesthesia in particular. I do however get Botox every three months and have done so for the past 3 years, and these displays are all over the doctor’s office.

I was going to write a bunch about Botox, plastic surgery, and people’s decisions being their own, but honestly I’m sleepy and my head is foggy. Maybe I’ll write that post later, but the boob shots were too good to hold onto so I’m going ahead and sharing them without the plastic surgery manifesto I had planned. It wasn’t really a manifesto anyway.

I also got to have lunch at one of my favorite restaurants; everything organic and lots of gluten-free options. They also had a cool ceiling:



I swear everyone didn’t run screaming when I entered the building, I just got there early

I had to stop by the grocery store, and although I was in a rush and had no intention of taking any photos,  I couldn’t resist this one. As a bonus, it was right next to the Glamour Gloves featured in a previous errands post:

I’ll just use this instead of getting a boob job

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