More Maegan

Edited some more of the shots I took of my niece yesterday, focusing on the ones she told me she liked best. Of what I processed, these are my favorites.At some point I’m going to take a few of the more unusual shots from this session and play around with them, but for now I am trying to get the photos that she likes finished so I can send them to her. Priorities you know.

I may have over-whitened her teeth a bit, if such a thing is possible.

I also may have overdone it with the fan, but I can’t help it. I love hair blowing around.

It was not a pretty day outside when we took these; in fact, it’s been rainy here the past few weeks which is unusual. My sister’s backyard is small, and has a huge building backing up right against their fence, but we made do. I was going to try and edit out the building and PS in some sky, but I didn’t think I was capable of doing a good job of it, plus it’s a lot of work for something no one else is going to care about. It’s a nice enough shot, but I do wish we’d chosen a more scenic area for it, probably somewhere in the front yard instead of the back.


I think this next shot is my favorite so far. It’s got most of what I like: the angle is slightly off-kilter, the lighting is good, the hair is blowing, and her expression is just goofy enough to be appealing without going overboard into totally silly. Although I am a fan of totally silly also.


8 thoughts on “More Maegan

  1. Every one of these is beautiful! She must be very happy. How lucky she is to have a photographer in the family that can take these publicity-like (as well as portrait-like) pictures. Terrific series.

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