I Should Be Dancing…But I’m Not

I edited several of the shots I took a few weeks ago where I looked up photos of dancers on Google images and tried to imitate their movements (much safer and more appealing than photos of me actually attempting to dance) and worked them into a collage because on their own, I thought most of the shots were kinda boring.


I picked which shots to use intuitively, with the idea from the beginning that I would put them into a collage and therefore each shot would be small, so I didn’t think too much about my facial expression in them, or that my hands and feet were as close to perfect as I usually like them to be. Basically, I wanted interesting shapes that were varied from photo to photo but still complimented each other, and that was all.

However, several people on Flickr asked to see each shot on its own, and while I’m not going to use up my one photo a day upload over there posting these shots individually, I’m OK putting them up in a post here. Maybe I can Pixlr them later and then I’ll feel they’re worth sharing other places, but for now, it makes for an easy blog post since it’s late and I don’t have time to say much more. So without further ado, here they are, in no particular order:

move1_Snapseed move2_Snapseed move3_Snapseed move4_Snapseed move5`A_Snapseed move6_Snapseed move7_Snapseed move8_Snapseed move9_Snapseed

14 thoughts on “I Should Be Dancing…But I’m Not

  1. I like them, hands are so important, my last set of photos I put on my blog several photographers contacted me and told me to be more careful with my hand positions to not ruin the shots, good advice I never gave it much thought, but your hands are feathered 😉

    • That is one of the first things I discovered when doing this. That’s why I eventually stopped trying to REALLY spin or twirl but to pose how I would want a twirl to LOOK, because when you really do it, it looks awful with the hands and feel going all wonky!

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