Final Flickrings

Just a quick update on all things Flickr, but first – I know I say this all the time, but I am going to keep this blog post short because my right arm is killing me again. I’ve decided to go see my new friend Sandy twice a week, for thirty minutes each time, solely to work out the terrible kinks I’ve developed in this arm over the years. The knots and spasms are really out of control, and Tuesday’s Flickr panic did NOT help, as I was literally typing and clicking computer keys for ten hours straight trying to get that all straightened out. I kind of wanted to get back to the airport on Saturday to shoot some more airplane photos, but using my bum arm to hold up a slightly heavier than usual camera and hit the trigger over and over is probably not a good idea right now. More photos would then lead to editing which is even more computer clicking, and I really really need to try and give it a rest. Unfortunately, it is also scheduling time at school, and I have to sit at work all day and click keys to get them enetered because we have an archaic computer scheduling system which requires us to enter everything manually; it’s already gonna be a challenge to see if my arm can survive that, much less throw a bunch of photography and editing into the mix. We’ll see if I can actually stick to this plan or I give in and go shoot photos anyway. At least the airplane shots don’t require the massive editing my portraits tend to, so that might help.

As far as Flickr, I am working on moving my photos over to the new account. I am hoping once the brouhaha over Yahoo switching off Google IDs dies down, I can get Flickr to remove it. I thought about just leaving it up with the announcement posted so if people stumble across the page they can go follow me at my new one, but I’m concerned that it might get hacked at some point if it just sits out there unattended forever – I’d hate for an account associated with me to start posting pornography or harassing people. I am going to keep it up for a month or so, so that people who followed that account have a chance to see the announcement, but after that I would like to remove it. I’ve uploaded most of the photos I want to showcase on the new page at this point, but I’ve marked them private so as not to overwhelm my “new” followers with photos and will try to slip them into my stream in a week or so.

So I’m shutting up now to protect my arm. Have a nice day!


8 thoughts on “Final Flickrings

  1. omg. What an annoyance. I so hate when any little glitch occurs with anything I am trying to do. I have no patience with a computer issue or any physical ailment at all because I have so much to accomplish every 24h. So, I totally empathize. What can I say? Take it slow (ikr)…come back when you can and don’t stress about any of it. Except that school…you are truly Job (biblical).

  2. New Flickr issue. Everybody’s comments are gone as of 10:00AM Thursday. I guess we just have to learn to live with Yahoo.
    Sorry about your arm, hope it’s rectified today.

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