Fab Pants

Because I take and process so many photos, I am often pressed for what to title them so that I can keep track of them on my hard drive. I have to do something with them other than just use the numbered data they are given when uploaded to my computer, so I tend to give them whatever title pops into my head first when it’s time to save an edited file. The title that popped into my head when working with the shots I took Saturday was “Fab Pants.”


Then every shot from that set that I process I just number; so far I’ve got a “Fab Pants 1” and a “Fab Pants 2.” This is all I’ve had time to edit since I last updated, but I wanted to share it so I had to reach a bit to come up with a blog post, hence the rather lame rambling I’m doing right now. By the way, for anyone who’s curious – I actually had my leg up on a chair when taking this shot. Then I used the composite technique to remove the chair when processing. I’m getting better at this whole thing, I think. Even added some decent shadows this time using the burn tool in Photoshop CS5.

I also thought I’d share that I suffered my first optical tragedy during Saturday’s shoot: I always wear a spare pair of glasses when I’m shooting self-portraits because there’s so much putting on and whipping off of the spectacles that I worry about stretching out my real pair. I have several spares to choose from but I use the weirdest ones since I care about them the least. I will usually keep the glasses on until right before I hit the remote, then I toss them onto the floor somewhere for the photo, and sadly, on Saturday after posing for the shot above my left foot came down right smack on top of them and broke them. I knew it would happen someday, and as I said it’s fortunate that they were a pair I didn’t like very much – although they looked great in photos, they were too harsh on my face to wear them out of the house, and my husband always said they made me look angry. I don’t think he’ll be sorry to hear they had to go.


By the way, it appears that Fly Fest 2014 has finally wound down, a torturous six days from when it started, with just a few stragglers hanging about that have yet to leave the party. Here’s hoping that’s the last aspect of the cycle of life currently breaking down inside our bedroom wall that we have to deal with.



3 thoughts on “Fab Pants

  1. First off, you are really getting to be an expert. I would never guess there had been a chair there. Also there is something so “Lucille Ball” about you in that set. I could see you being very comedic if you wanted to be in some of your photos. Lucy always made us forget how beautiful she was. Second, every time I see that hair, I just love it all the more. It is also the way your face looks with it and the makeup you applied for that shoot. As for those glasses, seriously, I love that frame color. I would glue them back together, if they were mine. Glad to hear about your flies. If you can believe this, we have had another wall funeral, this time near a window. This weekend we have to figure out how they are getting in there and why!

  2. Oh no! Yes I would check into it – you’ve got to have a hole somewhere and they are getting in.

    I thought Lucille Ball too at some of the expression – I think the really dark lips also contributes to that look. Doing things with some sort of prop that I edit out later is really so much safer and easier, plus I can control the shape my body makes better, so I am glad I am figuring this out, However the down side is that the hair and/or clothing doesn’t move as well and I have to manufacture that. Mostly I still forget! So next time I need to remember to turn my floor fan on to move things around.

  3. I need to get some new photos done, I loved the fab pants, I wear stuff like that just out shopping. Look at Sarah Brightmans Facebook, she has a great photo which made me think of your shots, where it looks like she’s been holding herself on gym rings and let them go.

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