Makeup Break

Well, here we go again, in more ways than one.

On the plus side, with the long weekend I felt free to use Saturday to get into makeup and costume and take loads of portraits. I’ll show those pictures in a later post, because I just got started editing them. I will share a few photos I took Friday evening after a day of lunch and shopping with a friend:


I spied this sweatshirt while my friend was standing in line at Banana Republic, and I had to get it. As soon as I got home I threw a little more makeup on and took some quick shots.


Unfortunately, this weekend has been a repeat in ways other than getting to drag myself up and take photos. I think I mentioned in a recent post that we had an infestation of mice in our attic that had to be dealt with; it was very expensive and, unfortunately, was not completely solved after the workers’ first visit. For two weeks we were still hearing critters scuttling about up there, and each week the service would come by and find some other little crevice they were using to get in. For the past few days we’ve heard nothing, though, which you’d think would be a good thing, right? Except that whatever creature it was we were hearing didn’t just leave the attic and find itself trapped back out later (which was the plan of the workers). That’s right, folks – IT DIED. And you know what that means, right? MORE FLIES.


Neither myself nor Doug are willing to go up there and find the thing, so we have to wait until the servicemen can come back out to the house – of course this had to happen on a Saturday over a long weekend when we can’t get them out here sooner. So for now, more lovely smells and more flies. Life couldn’t be better! But at least I was able to search my own blog to remind myself how I best dealt with this the last time – who knew this blog could actually be educational?


So, flies, photos, and fashion. Just my typical weird weekend. I know these photos aren’t great, but they are too different from Saturday’s shots to go into the same post, so I basically wanted to park them here somehow and took a little ramble so i could do it – I really only like the first shot anyway; the others are just filler. Much more to come from my costume set soon – I have loads to work with now.

6 thoughts on “Makeup Break

  1. I hate it when we get roof rats and know there is suffering ahead. But the flies ugh horrible. I’ve gotten so that I see a fly and think Death. But I love the shirt!

    • I’m not sure how this happened because the service we used traps them and comes and checks the traps constantly, so none of them should have died. But somehow things went wrong for one of them.

    • Actually this time it was not too bad. I swear that time it happened over the summer it must have been a damn pony or something that died up in there. The flies were outrageous that time! Lol

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