Sunday Shots

I’ve not taken any self-portraits in quite awhile, but I have been taking photos here and there when I’ve had the chance.


In fact, now that I look back over what I’ve processed the past few weeks, it’s quite a few shots. A few weeks ago, while out buying groceries for the week, I stopped by the floral department and picked up some flowers to shoot, then spent the rest of Saturday taking photos of them. In the shot above, I was mainly trying to catch the reflection of the petals when the flower was lying on top of a plastic handbag liner I yanked out of one of my purses (it’s a piece of plastic you can insert into a handbag that lacks shape to give it some across the bottom – #themoreyouknow!). It was a challenge to get a whole lot of the reflection into the shot without getting into some really weird framing, but I guess it came out OK.


Simon ended up in a lot of the shots because, well, that’s how he rolls:


Sprocket and Penny got into the mix for a bit too:



I also saw some flowers that were wrapped in netting to keep their shape (no, I don’t know what kind of flowers they were) and I really liked the pink and purple color combination that created, so I took photos of them without taking off the wrapping, although that may actually look stupid. Still, I liked them:


I unwrapped them eventually, and took some super-macros of the petals:


Then eventually I ended up putting all sorts of crap on them, just to see how it would look:


That’s baby powder on the rose above, which I was hoping would look like snow. I also threw some glitter on the pink flowers, but I haven’t processed any of those shots yet. I took about 600 pictures of flowers, then got distracted by work and pool drama and ended up not processing nearly enough of them. For about a week there I didn’t process any shots at all, although lately I’ve had time to work with about one each night. This is the last flower shot I’ve had a chance to edit so far, but I know there will be more to come from this set later:


Then, at one point during all the pool construction drama, I looked in the back yard and this tipped-over, mud-covered wheelbarrow caught my eye; I thought it’d make a good picture, so although it was already dusk I grabbed my camera and braved a trip into the muck to get a few shots. My husband almost had a cow when he looked out the window and saw me crawling around back there, because he knows what a klutz I am and how easily I can hurt myself just walking into a room, much less wandering around a construction area with a camera. But, I survived, and got a few cool shots out of the deal:



I have a few more, of course, to process from this set (don’t I always?) but I have yet to get to them, either.

Now, if I thought Doug would have a cow about me scavenging around in our backyard with a half-constructed pool in the vicinity, he would have really flipped his lid if he’d seen where I was hanging out this past Sunday:


I drove out to my usual planespotting location at IAH Sunday morning, but when I got there I realized I’d mis-read my flightradar24 app in thinking the airport was utilizing that runway for arrivals, and in fact there were no planes at all flying in that direction. Since it was early and I was already out there, I decided to be a little brave and try to find a second planespotting location I’d read about – I’d always been wary to try it out before because I’d heard you had to call airport security to let them know when you were there, and that alone sounded sketchy enough to me to discourage the trip. Plus, it’s not uncommon for the areas around an airport to be less than ideal locations to start with, and since I’m always by myself when I take plane pics I’d been a bit chicken to give it a try. But I was feeling up for it this time, plus I’d driven all that way and didn’t want the drive to be a total bust, so I found the dead-end road that stopped right up against two runway fences, made the airport security call, and got to work.


These two runways are used mainly for departures, and they were pretty busy, although mostly with United planes – I didn’t get very many unusual planes this time. I did get some new angles than what I can get from the official observation lot, but the planes are farther away, so I was once again feeling the limitations of the 70-200 lens. It did the job, but I would have been happier had I been able to get closer. And the clarity isn’t the greatest either; I think I had the ISO setting too low this time. Still, the weather was nice, and it ended up being a fine place to shoot although, as I said, my husband probably would have freaked out had he known I’d driven to a dead-end road, parked the car, and hiked up a hill all alone to take plane photos! Actually, while I was up there I saw a lot of cars come and go; mostly people with kids taking a moment or two to watch some planes take off, but still. When I really stopped to think about it, it probably wasn’t the wisest decision. Not to say I won’t go back, of course.


I say this so much you can probably all say it along with me by now, but once again: this is all I’ve had time to process from this set  so far, so there will be more to come. Although I haven’t been able to get dolled up lately for a selfie shoot, at least I do have a lot of photos to work with when I get a spare minute here or there.

Okay, tomorrow’s Monday, so let’s get back to it.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Shots

  1. I love your flower rose photos, I just love roses so you sold me there lol. Cool shots of the planes, maybe not the smartest to go by your self but you are a big girl now lol

    • LOL yeah, at first I was apprehensive, I mean, it’s a dead-end road that backs up against an airport, and there was some garbage on the road and it seemed like it might be a good place to dump a dead body…LOL. But the more I was there, the more I saw people driving up and getting out of their cars to watch planes, and there was security driving up and down the little road right inside the fence, and I had given them my name and phone number and everything, so in the end I felt comfortable with it. But I’d actually never gone and checked it out before, because I’m always by myself and I just thought, oh dear, this is maybe not the best idea ever, LOL

  2. “So much depends upon a red wheelbarrow” etc. etc. etc., however that poem goes. For as much as I dislike poetry, lines of it do get stuck in my head. That picture’s a poem for the eyeballs.

    So many things that I like of yours, in one post! The netted flowers look like veiled ladies, and I like how the cat brought his own thorn to the other picture. And that blue rose is a beauty. And hello, puppers.

    And the planespotting–those are always my favorites. I’m so glad that you share these.

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