Convents and Kittens

It’s been a minute since I posted anything, but I’ve been busy, y’all.

Not busy doing much posing, though. This is from last month’s shoot.

First, I am still working on my website and getting my business together, and yeah I know, I really need to get a move on with it. Every day I get a little bit closer to opening up shop, and every day I feel a little bit less resistant to the idea. There are so many unknowns, and I’m just old enough to feel a touch more threatened than excited by them, but in the end I can at least say I gave it a try. So, there’s that. Plus, I have been fighting the temptation to continue to think about work on ‘school time,’ since that is one of the benefits of venturing out on my own instead of going back into a traditional classroom, so the rebellious part of me purposely wants to keep vacation going for a few more weeks, even though teachers here have already returned to work and the students will be going back soon. Not the smartest business move, probably, but it is helping me to break free of that old structure that ended up not working out for me and to appreciate the benefits of doing things the way I am now. Either that or I am a procrastinator working too hard to justify it to myself. Moving on.

At least I sound good on (virtual) paper

Also, since I came back from my second trip to the Villa de Matel’s retreat center (the actual center is called Ruah, but I generally just refer to it by the convent name) I’ve been wanting to edit a lot more photos of the place so I could share them here, and that’s been slow going, but I think I have enough to give a decent representation of it now, even though I still don’t have as many photos edited as I would like. This entails processing photos that are less artsy and more representative than what I usually work with, so my motivation has been a little low, but I’ve done my best to still have some fun with even fairly straightforward shots that mainly exist to simply show what a room or balcony looks like. I am going to write a different blog post to share those photos, though, as I’d like to focus solely on the convent when I show them.

Plotting her world takeover

Third – and I addressed this briefly in my last, almost picture-free blog post – about three weeks ago we got a kitten, and well, she’s a kitten, y’all. Which means at various times throughout the day she is a nightmare. And one of my favorite times to write blog posts and edit photos is in the evening, sometimes moving into nighttime, and this happens to be one of Violet’s most INSANE parts of her day. She will sleep all day and then, around 9 PM, she wakes up and goes berserk – so I guess we can take that term nightmare literally.

Violet is hard to photograph – she moves as soon as she sees a camera, and she is so jet-black that with her eyes closed, she’s just a blob in photos

As soon as I get going editing photos she’s all over the place, including my desk where I work, knocking over water bottles and stepping on the computer keys and trying to eat every single cord she can find – you know, the usual. Not to mention terrorizing our other animals (who take it in stride, and Simon for the most part has adopted her as his own) and managing to crawl into the strangest of places and get stuck there. Oh, and she also had coccidia when she came to us, and in spite of my best efforts to keep Simon from getting it too, it happened.

In sickness and in health, apparently

I am not kidding about my efforts either; I would clean out a litterbox as soon as it was ‘used,’ I had each cat’s litterbox in a separate room, completely cleaned out and replaced the litter and wiped the boxes down with Clorox every 2 days, you name it – only to walk into the den and find Simon happily LICKING VIOLET’S REAR END. Great. I was told the best way to stop the spread of it was to keep the two cats separate, but for ten days? Simon was practically scratching his way through the door of the room where I tried to isolate Violet, so that just wasn’t going to happen.

Also – about two weeks ago I filmed at least five wig review videos, mostly of fun little inexpensive shorties. When I went to edit the first one, I realized that the slightly darker shade of foundation I’d bought to compensate for the sun my face has gotten from spending time in the pool did not blend well at all with the DermaBlend foundation I use to cover the sun damage on my neck (which I didn’t think to replace with a darker shade), and when I turn to show the profile of the wig there is a HUGE LINE around my jawline that looks ridiculous. Argh! And I look like this is at least FIVE VIDEOS! And of course, since they’re all shorties it is painfully obvious. Eventually I will suck it up and post them anyway, because I really don’t want to re-do them, but it still pains me to see it now, so I’m still putting it off.


I did get a Jon Renau Diane last week and a Georgia by Noriko in Champagne-R, but filming is on hold for the moment as I focus on my new business and our new kitten (I can’t imagine trying to film or pose for photos right now with Violet, and by extension all the other pets, going nuts). I’ll get around to it soon enough.

Oh and one more thing: I am American, so I feel the need to say this – Donald Trump is a narcissistic, ignorant, overblown human Cheeto who has no business being in this presidential election, and the people who handed the candidacy to him have put our entire nation at risk by doing so.


It is beyond my comprehension that the human Heat Miser is about to receive classified security briefings; the very thought of it actually fills me with both fear and rage. Trump is a rabid liar, intellectual black hole, and white male privileged shit-stirrer, with no consciousness or caring about how his words and actions influence the world around him – and the fact that the Republicans gave him a platform to treat the entire country like the biggest catbox he’s ever crapped in on a daily basis represents, to me, a complete and utter disdain and disregard for the dignity and safety of our nation. Trump is the most dangerous sort of buffoon ever, and he actually makes me long for the days of George W. Bush – something I did not think was possible. He’s already lowered political discourse to the level of commenters on YouTube, and opened all of society up to nurturing the worst, most base elements of it’s psyche – damage I don’t think can be undone for a long, long time. When I see young people rallying behind this human traffic cone in a toupee, I weep inside for the future. Be you liberal, conservative, or anywhere else on the spectrum, you should expect the individuals you elect to the highest offices in the land to understand foreign affairs, domestic policy, human decency, and – although George W certainly pushed this one to its limits, and let’s not even get into Palin – for God’s sake, be able to complete a fucking sentence.

I think I’m just going to start putting this at the bottom of every post from now until election day. Because I’m serious y’all, Trump is a really dark, really low point in our nation’s history. Come on America, we can do better than this. Can’t we?



20 thoughts on “Convents and Kittens

  1. Your political commentary made me seriously laugh out loud. donald trump makes barack obama say Dayum! He’s good!!!. I can’t stand that orange faced blowhard. I don’t know if we lean the same way politically (I’m very conservative, so that might tell you who my guy was and I was so proud of his speech at the convention) but I’m happy to bash trump with anyone who is willing. This is the worst presidential election I can remember since I’ve been voting.

    • If you’re talking about Cruz, yeah I don’t like him but I mean, if he was the nominee it would be the usual level of dislike – man, I hope he doesn’t win, ugh I hate that belief, nooo I totally disagree with that policy…then go to the voting booth and the chips fall where they may. You know – like NORMAL. And in spite of my dislike I give him mad props for that speech – credit where credit is due on that. Sure it is going to benefit him politically so in one sense people are saying it was pure theater and therefore easy, but hell no! Pure theater or not, that was hard to do, and honestly, it’s putting him on the right side of history here. Still don’t want to vote for him, but I’d take ten Ted Cruzes (sp?) over the Donald any day.

      I am liberal, but not to the extent that I spend time hating on conservatives or anything. I feel it’s important to have (at least) two viable parties with conflicting views on which our government must duke it out with, and it is disappointing to have a candidate in this election be such a complete waste of everyone’s time. I can see no point of even holding debates this time around and I usually live for them. But it’s a colossal waste to even bother (yet of course we should).

      • I am a voter searching for a candidate. I am #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary, but the sad fact is one of them will win. I’m a political junky and have been most of my life. I’ve held my nose the last 2 presidential elections and voted republican even though I was not excited at all about the candidates. I am sick of voting for the “Lesser of the two evils”. I just could not look at myself in the mirror the next morning if I gave my vote to either of the major party candidates in Nov. so I’m seriously looking at 3rd party choices. And if no one appeals to me, I’ll just skip the presidential race and “vote my conscience” on the down tickets. I love Ted and I thought it took a lot of confidence for him to give that speech at the convention. I literally jumped up and applauded him when he walked off the stage without giving tRUMP his endorsement. If Reince Preibus had a set, he would have told tRUMP to hit the road the first time he whined like a spoiled brat that he wasn’t being treated fairly and threatened to run 3rd party. My whole family, including my husband, is supporting the orange faced buffoon and there is no way in hell that I can have a discussion about this election with any of them. My husband and I have agreed to not even mention it anymore after several discussions turned into some pretty ugly screaming matches. This election season has really taken its toll on me emotionally. I’ve just come to the decision that principles do matter and character has to count so I am very comfortable with my commitment.

        • It sounds like many, if not most, in the Republican party are feeling as you are. What a mess. I will never again complain about an opposing candidate whose policies I don’t like but who has actual experience and real ideas! I will appreciate that we can have some sort of conversation about our nation via the two candidates that at least has something to do with the real world.

  2. But the idea of Clinton being Commander In Chief after she compromised the safety of our country by divulging classified information, including CIA members’ names doesn’t bother you?! Sorry, she should be in jail for that and for many other serious offenses & she would be if our leaders had backbones & actually cared about our well being and safety as a country. Our country has two horrible candidates and I am afraid for our future… It is so disheartening! I really had hoped a new president could bridge the gaps & unite Americans. We need that so desperately!

    • No, the idea of anyone compromising the safety of our country bothers me. I cannot ever recall a time I voted in an election where I fully trusted the politician I was voting for. I think that went out the door with Nixon, if not sooner. I think both Clintons have a long history of skating through situations based on very specific legal loopholes – and as much as that is abhorrent it certainly isn’t specific to those two, and tends to be par for the course when not just politicians but people with enough wealth or status get caught doing pretty much anything. So while whomever we elect will always cause me on some level to hold my nose while voting or give them a good dose of side-eye, I can at least respect their level of commitment to public service, their past experience, and their willingness to maintain some basic protocols of decency. Given that, I can sit in my corner and grouse and whine and judge just enough to keep me engaged in the process – hence why I NEVER discuss politics here; it’s really not my thing. But THIS particular man – and honestly, I hate to call him a Republican even because I don’t see him as being affiliated with anyone other than himself – he’s flat-out dangerous on a different level, even IF just for his complete lack of qualifications and knowledge about the world he wants to help lead. I reallly disliked Dubya, but I never felt AFRAID with him in charge, in spite of all he did with which I disagreed. I thought Palin was a show horse with very little skill or qualification, but it was irritating and not scary. Trump is frightening to me, truly.

      • Yeah, I agree! And we’ll said. He makes me nervous. I cringe when I think of him representing us with foreign leaders. I don’t think Hillary would bring things around for the better but maybe keep things as they are. As for her experience, we always joked that she was the one running the show when Bill was in office. I just get SO tired of all the underhanded dealings & the dishonesty. It’s like, how can we trust someone like that to hold the highest position of power in our country? In the end, I live in a Democratic state so my vote doesn’t mean anything one way or another. I do think she would be the lesser of the two evils. Just really distraught over our options this time around. Cruz would’ve maybe been a better Republican candidate. I’m glad you brought this up btw. I like reading views from real people. My family is Republican & my in laws are Democrats. I guess I’m somewhere in between the two.

        • I am really disappointed about this election. And I like Hillary! It’s just that we’re not having real discussions about anything; there’s mud-slinging and then there’s just constant bulls*t and distractions and posturing, and I feel like that is all we’re getting this time out. Image-making more than talking. But I guess that is what we’ve come to. Ugh.

          • Yeah, it feels like the politicians are back on the kindergarten playgrounds instead of addressing things like adults much less presidential candidates. There are so many important issues that aren’t being addressed because of this. Hillary is leading in the polls now & I predict she will continue to gain support & win the election. I don’t really think Trump stands a chance anymore. I really wish there was a different Republican candidate. Oh well…

          • Me too – but here’s hoping they’ve all learned their lesson and will get their sh*t together before the next election – on both sides of the aisle. They are feeling the strain of this one.

    • I feel that her experience makes her an excellent candidate and in spite of the misgivings mentioned above, I respect the investigation’s decision regarding that situation, much as I have numerous others involving political figures in the past. Aside from being the first female president (which is a big deal, obvs) I don’t think she’s going to be the ‘change agent’ the DNC made her out to be – but I think she is tough and intelligent and has the experience required to get things done. Comparing her level of risk to Trump’s doesn’t even register, IMHO. He’s so far beyond the acceptable I just can’t compare the two. If we’d had anyone else – I dunno, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, for example, there’s conversation to be had, but Trump? Being the worse option is a foregone conclusion as far as I am concerned, hands down.

  3. I agree with your thoughts about Hilary and am definitely voting for her. Btw, do you read the “Huffington Post?” For months, they have posted disclaimers about Donald Trump and his horrendous views. I truly fear for our national security if he is elected. Like you, I live near Houston. Republican Disneyland, I call it. Nice to know there are a few other liberals in this area.

    • Texas will go for Trump, I would imagine, but I will still get out and vote. I am the only liberal in my family but have gravitated towards like-minded people as friends; that said, it’s distressing how much more difficult it gets to disagree with others politically with every passing year. I swear the internet is making us all very, very nasty to each other. I never used to struggle to disagree with people in my family about political matters until the last, say, ten years or so…I really try to be FOR things politically rather than AGAINST them. But in the case of Trump I am just so against him it had to be said! And I have seen those disclaimers; it’s funny you mention it because I thought of it when writing this post. I really try to keep such things off my blog but knowing people from other countries read it I just had to make my thoughts about him clear.

      • It is a very distressing climate. I have a gay daughter and even though I agree with some Republicsn economic stances, I can’t bring myself to vote for most Repubublicans because of their hardline stand on social issues, especially the Donald. Imagine if Hilary were om her third spouse, as Donald is. She’d never be a major pary nominee. Yes, gender bias still exists. Depressing.

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