11 thoughts on “Out With the Old, In With the Blue

  1. I don’t see any wonkiness in the curtains, and that’s *with* a picture to compare it to. Most photoshopped pictures don’t come with a “before” shot. I think your sister looks incredible in the “after” shot! Wow you’re talented!

  2. It’s really clear you love photography so why not turn that into a career? You could still tutor on the side. If you want to stay in education, have you considered returning to school for a Phd? Then we’re talking tenure track…..:)

    Hope you’re on the mend!!

    • My issue there is, I’ve tried taking pictures of other people like, family photos or headshots, and I do not like it! I think if my photos ever made me money, it would have to be by selling what I’ve already created. Wedding photos and things like that, that people might pay me to take, bore me to death! It’s why I always shoot myself, because I am really just trying to create a canvas on which I am going to paint like crazy in Photoshop, if that makes sense. Thanks though! I have considered it, but in the end it means I’d have to take too many photos I don’t care about.

  3. My friends that tutor hate advertising and trying to organise clients, have you thought about signing up to an agency, I know they take a cut but once your name gets around word of mouth gets the extra clients.

    • LOL that is true – I convince myself I am unique in not liking advertising or selling my services, but honestly who does? And ironically, two days after I posted this I picked up three new clients!

  4. I wish you could use your creativity to make money. I see what you did with that pic of your sis and think that all of us could use your touch on our photos. Maybe I could especially hahaha.

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