I’ve decided to try another 365 photo a day challenge – this is a way for me to approach photography differently as well as give me something else creative to do while still being stuck at home. Coloring is fun and all, but not going anywhere except to pick up groceries once a week has given me a lot of nervous energy to burn.

For this project, I am going to shoot only in monochrome, and everything will be taken in JPEG instead of raw format. The idea is that this will force me to think differently about the photos I take, and move me in a different direction. It should also eliminate the issues that slowed me down the last time I tried a 365 photo a day project – shooting in color and in raw prompted me to do WAY too much editing of the photos. I got obsessed about the colors being just right, and often ended up over-processing the shots until they looked crappy. It also took a ton of time which made the whole thing laborious.

I think changing the process this way will help me see differently in an environment I’ve been stuck in for way too long and have become terribly over-familiar with. Removing the option of obsessing over color and processing makes me ‘see’ my environment differently, and I’m finding all sorts of little things to take pics of in the coming days. How well this will be working by day 300 is anyone’s guess, but I’m willing to give it a go. I also think I can use photography to tell some sort of story of this time we’re all dealing with – IF, like me, you are staying home as much as possible.

This is a short little update I know, but it’s all I have time for right now. I may just upload a pic a day here under a new tag and add a link to the 365 photos on the menu, but I do still have other things I’d like to share about my coloring soon, especially about how I finally managed to turn my photos into good coloring pages (hint: it involved finding someone else to do the transforming). But I don’t have time to write that all up now so I’ll get to it later. Stay safe everyone!


9 thoughts on “Photo-19

    • Thanks for checking in! Hope you are staying safe as well – so worried with schools opening next week although the one I mainly tutor in has postponed for three weeks thank God.

  1. Today I saw on Bored Panda how people have been duplicating famous paintings by photographing themselves in the same pose and similar outfits and settings. I thought of you and how creative you are. Might be a challenge in the future. I reckon you’d be great at it.

    • Thanks Andrea – nice to hear from you! That is an idea worth exploring at some point, and definitely would be a departure from my usual Thanks for the suggestion!

      Also I think of you often because I have taken up Tarot. 🙂 Still learning and I have to look things up a lot but it has been a VERY rewarding pastime right now. I have done a few weekly readings for friends and I do my own each week to provide me with focus. It’s really fun! Do you still do it?

      • Yes I do! I still need to look up meanings which you are supposed to intuit from the pictures but I can’t always do that. I even got my own deck printed up with key words on it but for some reason I get better results from my Mythic Tarot deck. Once the meaning of the card is clear in my mind I can put the story together adequately and I honestly don’t believe I’ve ever been way off the mark. I like to use direct questions ie my son asked me what would happen if he broke up with his girlfriend. I did one spread on that question and a second on what would happen if he didn’t. The break up result was very positive, the no break up was okay too but the Outcome card was a card that required a decision and being Cups implied an emotional one. She wants kids, he doesn’t. I told him the dilemma was not going to be resolved, the “decision” would still loom over him and a break up looked like the best way to go. He knew that anyway but when every card confirms his situation you gotta believe the Tarot works. Plus lots of Major Arcana cards in the first reading which always implies Life Path/destiny/fate so the break up is inevitable.

        • The first deck I bought was Rider-Waite and then of course i went bonkers and bought like 7 more decks right away, LOL. And which one do you think I use every single time now? The Rider-Waite deck! I have barely used the others at all.

          I recently did a weekly reading for a friend and out five days (which is all I do right now as going too big takes me too long to do) FOUR were Major Arcana, but fortunately they were all positive ones. First time I ever came across that 😉

          Glad it was helpful to your son. I see the cards as archetypes that help us get unstuck or look at situations from a fresh perspective, and I really enjoy doing it. 😉

          • I notice multiple Major Arcana pop up in a lot of older people’s readings. I think the older we get the more fate catches up with us. Out of interest I went through all the readings I did for my husband, his girlfriend, my kids, friends and myself over the last year and knowing what I know now they truly were all accurate. Now you’re not supposed to read for people without their knowledge but I reckon if the universe wants to give me the information and it’s not intended to be used maliciously or for evil intent, then I don’t have a problem with it. It was clear his girlfriend was never going to stick around and that he was going to end up lonely and disappointed. I took no pleasure in that mind you because there was a lot of heartache around our splitting up but the cards did say the outcome was definitely in my favour all the way through the last year and it really was the best thing for me as it turned out. No regrets at all and a lot less aggravation in my life. Don’t understand why he’s resentful towards me though unless it’s because he hates to see me happy 😃.

  2. You have such a great artist’s eye, I look forward to your photos! Responding to your comment above, I love tarot, and would love a reading if you’re bored. 😁

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