COVID-365 Day 15

Meet Lucy!

Well the kitten I found yesterday is a she, not a he, so I was wrong about that. She wasn’t chipped and we never heard from anyone on Next Door, so we are now the proud owners of THREE cats (and two dogs).

Hurricane Laura totally missed Houston in the end, so some good luck for us. We started to name the kitty Laura after the storm, but it just didn’t sound right. So, Lucy it is!


COVID-365 Day 14

Found this little nugget on the front porch this morning. Well actually Violet found it by spying it through the window and alerting me to its presence. I can’t tell if it’s a boy or a girl, and although there’s a little collar on it there’s no name or address, so I am taking it to the vet today to check for a chip and get an ulcer on its lip looked at. If someone is missing the little furbabe I hope to be able to return it to them; otherwise we may have a new addition to the fam.

COVID-365 + Hurricane Laura Day 13

I missed again yesterday but we’ve been busy. Today I got out to fill up my tank and hit the grocery store before it got too crowded and they ran out of water and batteries. Wearing my mask the whole time, of course, because we are also in the midst of a pandemic. Have I mentioned before that I am ready to be done with 2020?

COVID-365 Day 9

Back in December 2019 I bought this Instax printer that pairs to my phone so I can print any image stored on it onto mini Instax film. At the time I thought it would be great fun at family and social gatherings, as well as with my students. Needless to say it hasn’t seen any use since March. Hopefully someday soon I’ll be able to put to use again, but for now it’s gathering dust.

COVID-365 Day 8

With school starting up this week, my schedule has gotten busy again and I totally forgot about yesterday. I hope that doesn’t mean I have to start over!

Anyway, this picture represents the only place I have been since March aside from one doctor visit and the occasional grocery store. No, it’s not Domino’s or acupuncture, it’s the local post office where I rent a mailbox. I end up stopping in here about once a week for one reason or another. I’ve rented a mailbox here for over a decade but it has taken on more significance now as one of the only places I go to interact with other living, human people aside from Doug.

I just got through tutoring a student who, like me, is staying indoors as much as possible even though a lot of our area is opened up and has been for some time. She lives with extended family and they are high risk for the virus, so they are all staying home 24-7. She mentioned hearing from a friend who went to the beach over the weekend and feeling so envious of her, and it made me think of my own conflicted feelings when I hear or see others I know going out and doing things, some masked and distanced, some not. At times I wonder if Doug and I are being “fanatics,” or being too cautious,, but my instincts tell me we are doing the right thing and should continue to eschew any and all activities outside the home. But it is harder when you feel like you are in the minority and the rest of the world is going about their lives as if there’s no pandemic. In the beginning of this, there was about a month where the country was unified about flattening the curve, but in our current state America was only able to stay unified for about four weeks. It’s a shame, but at this point there’s no way to reconcile those who feel staying home and being cautious is proper and those who feel everyday activities are fairly safe and life should return to normal. I only know one other person, a nephew, who stays home and avoids social activities with the vigilance we do, so at times it feels kinda lonely. But we have been so good up to now, so if one of us slacked off and got sick it would have all been a waste of time – so we persevere.