COVID-365 Day 15

Meet Lucy!

Well the kitten I found yesterday is a she, not a he, so I was wrong about that. She wasn’t chipped and we never heard from anyone on Next Door, so we are now the proud owners of THREE cats (and two dogs).

Hurricane Laura totally missed Houston in the end, so some good luck for us. We started to name the kitty Laura after the storm, but it just didn’t sound right. So, Lucy it is!

7 thoughts on “COVID-365 Day 15

    • Thanks! She seems to be quite healthy with no apparent issues. We are keeping her apart from our other cats for a week just in case but all the initial tests came back negative. 😉

  1. I’m so glad you gave her a home, what a playful little girl😻 we found a wild kitten 3 years ago and after some time getting used to humans she turned into the most affectionate cat ever.

    • Thanks! Lucy is so chill right now – we are keeping her in our master bathroom for a few days to be sure she doesn’t have anything she might pass to our other cats, and she pretty much just hangs out when we can’t be in there with her. 😉

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