COVID-365 Day 8

With school starting up this week, my schedule has gotten busy again and I totally forgot about yesterday. I hope that doesn’t mean I have to start over!

Anyway, this picture represents the only place I have been since March aside from one doctor visit and the occasional grocery store. No, it’s not Domino’s or acupuncture, it’s the local post office where I rent a mailbox. I end up stopping in here about once a week for one reason or another. I’ve rented a mailbox here for over a decade but it has taken on more significance now as one of the only places I go to interact with other living, human people aside from Doug.

I just got through tutoring a student who, like me, is staying indoors as much as possible even though a lot of our area is opened up and has been for some time. She lives with extended family and they are high risk for the virus, so they are all staying home 24-7. She mentioned hearing from a friend who went to the beach over the weekend and feeling so envious of her, and it made me think of my own conflicted feelings when I hear or see others I know going out and doing things, some masked and distanced, some not. At times I wonder if Doug and I are being “fanatics,” or being too cautious,, but my instincts tell me we are doing the right thing and should continue to eschew any and all activities outside the home. But it is harder when you feel like you are in the minority and the rest of the world is going about their lives as if there’s no pandemic. In the beginning of this, there was about a month where the country was unified about flattening the curve, but in our current state America was only able to stay unified for about four weeks. It’s a shame, but at this point there’s no way to reconcile those who feel staying home and being cautious is proper and those who feel everyday activities are fairly safe and life should return to normal. I only know one other person, a nephew, who stays home and avoids social activities with the vigilance we do, so at times it feels kinda lonely. But we have been so good up to now, so if one of us slacked off and got sick it would have all been a waste of time – so we persevere.

6 thoughts on “COVID-365 Day 8

  1. We’re doing the same thing, staying home as much as possible. Once a week I go to my favorite bakery to pick up items (that I’ve called in ahead of time.) I also know people going out and doing things. And it stings. But I’m not willing to take that risk. Especially with so many people not wearing masks or wearing them improperly (not around their nose). It’s just not safe.

    • Exactly. And I also am concerned about being around others simply because they are not always 100% about how much maskless contact they’ve had with others. I don’t think people leave that info out on purpose, they just aren’t making it a priority and not thinking about the ramifications. So even when say, a family member asks if I will visit I say no for now. Many family members are staying home BUT they have their kids over all the time, and I see plenty of photos of their kids out partying etc. without following any safety precautions. So our plan of action is to stay away from everyone as much as possible!

  2. Oh, I do feel so much of what you have written. In Queensland some people are living life as though there is no Coronavirus, and others are observing the correct social distancing as well as handwashing etc. I believe we have 8 active cases in our state, New South Wales has a lot of “hot spots” and Victoria is back in Stage 4 lockdown. Our borders are closed to those states at this time. I am lucky enough to be able to work from home, and only go out for groceries, chemist, mail. My husband goes to work, and otherwise joins with me in not going elsewhere, eating out or buying take-away foods.
    You are both sensible in your outlook, and this is the one proven way to stop the spread of this horrid virus. Stay safe xx

    • It’s really weird to me how obvious the proper protocol is for controlling this thing and yet – every time an area shows a decline in cases people go right back to the usual when it should be obvious that doing so will cause another spike. It’s out of our hands and we can’t control what other people do or what our elected officials decide will be the guidelines, but it all contributes to our conviction for sure!

  3. I do understand how social isolation is making people crazy but I don’t understand how wearing a mask is such a big deal. I wear one whenever I am in close quarters with other people at the shops and I constantly hand sanitize. The secret is to find a mask that fits properly and is vented. If you have the virus you mustn’t wear a vented mask for exhaled breath will spread the virus to the unprotected but if you are healthy it will prevent you inhaling viral particles. It makes talking a bit muffled but does stops the heat and dampness building up. I do it to stop catching a cold. My asthmatic lungs are in the best shape they’ve been for years because I haven’t had a cold for 18 months and I want them to stay that way. The Japanese have been wearing masks for years in public. I suppose people with healthy lungs would find this odd and I do get some strange looks but that’s fine. No one else is wearing them here much anymore. It certainly has caused me to appreciate the life I took for granted. As someone else said, staying at home with all the means of entertainment we have now should not be a terrible hardship and it’s okay to go for a walk in the fresh air to stay fit and connected to nature. No point is stressing, just be at peace with the situation and hope we find a reliable vaccine asap.

    • The mask thing has been turned into a political statement here unfortunately. So wearing a mask makes people think they’ve take a “side” in what should not be a political debate. And you are right – I mean, before this pandemic I would occasionally see someone out and about wearing a mask and I thought NOTHING of it, beyond thinking the person has an immune system issue or perhaps is on chemo or anything that means they need extra precautions. It’s a sign of a health issue, nothing more. And yet here we are, acting as if the concept of wearing a mask was JUST invented as a means to oppress the masses. It’s just so silly. I have asthma as well so I do have to protect my lungs as it has gotten worse as I’ve gotten older so no way I am taking chances with this.

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