COVID-365 Day 7

My swimming schedule is all wonky – before the pandemic I only had time to swim in the evening, but since I work from home now and can tutor students all day I get to nip in for a quick dip at all hours. It’s hot as hell here though – triple digits with no end in sight.


2 thoughts on “COVID-365 Day 7

  1. Cynthia I do not know where you find the energy and motivation to do all the things you do but you truly are an inspiration. So many talents, so much curiosity. Sorry you found you needed Lexapro. I must have been blessed to have used Venlafaxine for 25 years and not gained any weight above and beyond what I deserved to gain by eating so many carbs.

    Covid is currently under control where I live and most things are back to normal. I am still in that phase of finding how to live alone and not feel lonely. It’s a process. But reading your posts makes me realise that there are a plethora of things that I COULD do to entertain myself if I choose to do them. I have only myself to blame if I am bored.

    • Thanks for your comments, Andrea, they are appreciated!

      I think the reason I am always able to find hobbies to fill my time is because I never had children to raise, and am used to having a lot of free time to do my own thing. It is just habit now to look around for the next thing once a certain hobby has gone stale because I’ve been doing it my whole adult life.. I am sure if we’d had kids it would be a different story!

      Plus you have had the extra burden of being in a lockdown for a period of time which would only make the newness of living alone WORSE. So glad your part of the world is safe – over here in Texas the virus is raging like a wildfire but because people don’t want to stay home or wear masks, it’s going to be this way for quite some time unfortunately.

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