COVID-365 Day 6

We bought this about a month ago and my husband put it all together – well, I did have to help him assemble the console but the technology was his responsibility. I do know how to start up the system and play pinball, but that’s about it. However, I am a pretty good pinball player! I don’t even know how many tables this thing has as I haven’t played them all yet, but it’s a hell of a nice way to pass the time and holds a lot of nostalgia for both of us.

6 thoughts on “COVID-365 Day 6

    • It really is a blast and we can basically download any pinball machine we want (for a price of course, but once you pay for the system and setup/console the machines aren’t that much).

      We also got an arcade that can play old video games like PacMan and all that, but since we got the pinball machine we haven’t played it much. I do need to get a picture of that one, too.

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