COVID-365 + Hurricane Laura Day 13

I missed again yesterday but we’ve been busy. Today I got out to fill up my tank and hit the grocery store before it got too crowded and they ran out of water and batteries. Wearing my mask the whole time, of course, because we are also in the midst of a pandemic. Have I mentioned before that I am ready to be done with 2020?

4 thoughts on “COVID-365 + Hurricane Laura Day 13

  1. In Houston the concern is mostly wind and storm surge; not a lot of rain predicted at the moment. But the forecast keeps changing as the storm shifts around so who knows. We may be out of power for awhile, which will NOT be fun in this heat, but we’ve been down this road before. 😉 We should be fine!

    • I hope you are away from the storm surge, ie flooding? Having heat and humidity with no power is not fun at all. Thinking of you! If we don’t see a post in a day or so, guess we will know you have lost power – stay safe.

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