4 thoughts on “Self-Portraits – V

    • Yeah, I was just curious how old I could make myself look without it being too fake-looking. I do not actually look like either one of this pics, really. I’m somewhere between the two!

  1. The balck-haired photo with the rainbow spike makes your eyes look green….. but your yellow haired photo show your stark eyes as almost black- it is an incredibly striking photo…. not that your green eyes aren’t beautiful too, same color as my mothers…… I still hate that yellow lipstick though, it makes me think of a patient stuffed away in one of those 19th century communicable disease hospitals……. yuck……

    • Boy you really DO hate it, huh?! I don’t think of anything beyond color when I take pictures…color and light. So I’m not really even looking at them as yellow lips. Just MORE YELLOW!

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