Saturday shots

I wasn’t too interested in the shots of inanimate objects and whatnots I took on Saturday, but I did process a few:

Bottlecap stools at the beer garden – in the background behind a big tree you can just barely see the stage where I took Candace’s jump shots yesterday

This next pic is representative of some of the old trees that populate this part of town:


And this next one is of the cloth ceiling over the stage:


Last up is my favorite; as soon as we walked into the store attached to this outdoor space, I spied rows of beaded jewelry hanging on wires in front of a long row of windows. I thought it would make a great picture, but the saleswoman was eyeing me suspiciously so I figured I’d better ask the manager before taking shots inside. It took me awhile to find her, and although she said she didn’t mind at all, it still took me forever to get the pic because every time I went back to the windows to take one there were loads of people looking at all the bracelets and necklaces on display. Finally, after wandering around for about 20 minutes, I spied a break in the traffic and zipped over to there to take the picture.

No, I didn’t buy any of them

I have one more little set of photos from this day’s adventures, and that set has a better story to go with it. But for now, this is all I’ve got – short and sweet!

6 thoughts on “Saturday shots

    • I wasn’t in the mood for shopping, so nothing really appealed to me. I was in photography mode instead! But I may go back sometime without my camera and spend some money, who knows.

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