I managed to find a better photo of the studio where I’ll be shooting on March 17th. So far I’ve had two friends say they are game, which is great, but even if they back out on me I’ll be ready to use myself as the model again.

I went through my costumes this morning after finding this great shot of the studio’s porch:

katy studio
The studio

Based on seeing that shot, I pulled together a set on Polyvore of what look I’m going for. I took quick iPhone photos of some costumes I thought would work as well as finding online photos of some other pieces I can pull together.

Victorian Photoshoot

I know it’s not technically “Victorian,” but I’m visualizing something rather ghostly, as if the models are blending the past with the present. Or something. Of course, I realized after I booked the appointment that I screwed up and chose an 11 AM to 2 PM slot, which is exactly the worst time of day to shoot outdoor photos, so today I scooted on over to Amazon and downloaded a book titled, amusingly enough, “Shooting in Sh*tty Light,” to help combat this. I’m just one chapter in, and am already learning a ton about outdoor portrait photography that I wish I’d known before. I think I’ll be in good shape for this shoot, but just in case, it’s fortunate both of my friends are easygoing and have already accepted that I might totally mess up all the shots, and they’re OK with it. They’re also creative-minded and will have ideas of their own, which is great. Makeup might be an issue as they both want me to do theirs, so that’s going to take some time, but hopefully we can figure out a way to get that done before showing up at the space. If not we can do it there, and maybe I can do one of them while the other follows along, or something. Or perhaps I could send them instructions…? I don’t know – any ideas you all have about how to pull this off, feel free to share. I’m making this whole thing up as I go, as usual.

Oh, and on Wednesday I should have my new 50mm lens in my possession! I’m excited as it’s been awhile since I got something new. Between the new lens and learning to shoot in outside light, I’ve got tons to keep me busy for now. You’re probably going to be seeing a lot more of other people and less of me in the future, but we’ll all have to deal with that and move on. Or maybe not – I probably need to try out a lot of these new techniques and the new lens on myself first.

8 thoughts on “Photoplans

  1. Well, this is exciting. You are really moving forward. My suggestion (what do I know?) would be to find an online youtube (or whatever) video on the type of makeup you want them to apply (like the whole look), tell them the colors and have them come with it on. But, you know them best and that might be a lot to expect. Remind me what the significance of the 50 mm lens is? Like, for example, how it differs in capability from what an 18-55 can do? I should probably read up on this stuff as I am planning to get a couple of lenses for my birthday (if I can wait until August, I might get antsy). Like the Victorian idea. I should check out that book myself, I am always taking pictures in the middle of the day!

    • I know someone on Facebook who is starting out as a hair and makeup artist…I may see what she would charge. I just know how time-consuming and how much concentration it takes to get makeup right on myself, much less other people, so I’m thinking it might take too much out of me to do it myself and THEN have to take all the photos. i know that sounds ridiculous that doing makeup would “take too much out of me,” but I think you know what I mean. It’s just a lot of work.

      As far as the 50mm, it’s simply a good portrait lens to have in the bag of tricks for a portrait photographer. It’s fast so it works well in low-light situations, and the bokeh is pretty with it. Also it creates very sharp images, and with a zoom lens (my trusty 17-40mm) you always lose a bit of quality because of how a zoom lens is constructed (with a few expensive exceptions). Prime (fixed focal length) lenses are definitely a different animal for me as I have to move my feet rather than zoom in or out with my lens, but they do have benefits in picture quality. My 85mm is my one prime right now, and while it takes very pretty portraits it’s pretty testy to use. The 50mm is a nice happy medium between choosing my zoom or my 85mm, because it’s a bit easier to use and get the shots right. When people talk about lenses they definitely want in their bag, a good 50mm is usually mentioned – for portraits in particular, but also just in general.

      • OK, got it about the 50 mm lens. I will put it on my list, after the fisheye and wide angle I want.

        As for the makeup, I agree, applying makeup (unless that is your gig in life) to someone else would be tedious. I was thinking they could do it themselves with a little guidance, but a makeup artist could be the way to go. Pricey endeavor!

        • Yeah, I’ve already spend about $70 on the studio. The MUA might be willing to work for free though, since she is new – but I am not going to ask her to work for free. That isn’t cool. If she offered though, that would be awesome.

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