Lens Appeal

I’m not going to go on about my new Canon SL1 again, I’ll just share a few photos to show pics with the 55-250mm I bought for it.


This is an EF-S lens, so I thought meant I wouldn’t be able to use it with my 7D, but apparently I can. I’m not sure why I would do that, though, when I already have the L-series telephoto to use with it; I guess it could come in handy if I need a zoom but the weight of the L-series becomes too heavy. Other than that, the real reason for this one was to have a zoom lens for the SL1 – it definitely adds weight but overall the Rebel still feels light with it on.

Photo May 29, 6 50 48 PM_Snapseed

I have to agree with people who comment on the cheap-ish feel of this lens, but once I just put the thing on the camera and start shooting with it I can get over it. It only put me out $180 so what else should I expect but lots of plastic, which on the upside keeps the weight down. And it took pretty nice photos as well.


Since all I did was wander around the backyard again, I don’t have a whole lot of thrilling pics to share. I mostly just wanted to test it out and see if it would work – which it will. The last photo I’ll share is one showing the maximum zoom, I took it of a bird’s nest (or something, I think it’s a bird’s nest but what the hell do I know about nature) in one of our front yard trees; the shot on the left is at 55mm while on the right the lens is at 250:

Not bad!

So there it is – the new toy is fully loaded and ready to roar. I took it up to the school again today and used it to shoot some portraits of our head football coach, who won the Coach of the Year award for our school’s division. It performed beautifully, and if I’d remembered to send myself a copy of the picture I’d share it with you here, but I did not. So you’ll have to trust me when I say it took fabulous shots.

The students’ last day of school was today, so tomorrow will be interesting; just all of us winding down and transitioning into summer. There’s a faculty party tomorrow night but I never, ever attend social events at the conclusion of the school year. I’m already done, and prefer to go straight home after the last day and rest rather than spend yet more time talking to people with whom I work. I’m just never in the mood for it. So hopefully I can get some more pictures done soon – I’m wanting to get dressed up and levitate again, but just haven’t had the time these past few weeks. I bought a few vintage pieces I’d like to try on and try out, but they may have to wait awhile longer.

6 thoughts on “Lens Appeal

  1. The 250 shot is awesome. Did you take that shot of the camera and lens, too? That one is very clear. Luckily you don’t have the lug a bag of equipment around while you are doing this, right? You can just set up somewhere and take your shots, change lenses, etc. Walking around the many areas of LA, I need my posse with me to carry stuff or I would be wiped out in an hour, so when I am on my own, I just sling one camera and lens around my neck and take whatever I can stretch that combo to take. I think lighter is better for walking around but the temptation to get expensive lenses is fierce. Sometimes I fear someone will just clobber me and run off with the camera, lol. [So, in a few hours, you will be a free woman. How great is that!] Looking forward to your upcoming photos. No pressure, ha-ha-ha.

    • I need to get a decent case, but even in the makeshift bag I’ve been carrying around the past few days, the whole kit I’ve compiled is easy to throw over my shoulder and go. And since I have already invested in a lot of nice lenses, that makes it easier to turn around and buy some cheap ones! If I didn’t already have a lens collection I’m happy with I wouldn’t have gone down this road for sure, but at this point the lenses I’d like to invest in are so crazy expensive I’m not sure I’ll ever do it (well over $1000 and closer to $2000 in some cases). The SL1 was super-light to carry around the school yesterday slung over my shoulder, so it’s really great for that. The pics are going to suffer a little, so there’s always going to be that decision to make. But I will definitely throw it in the car with me whenever I take my ‘real’ camera somewhere to shoot – and in fact, with the pancake lens on this thing is so unobtrusive I’m wondering what would happen if I wore it around my neck, say, at the grocery story or the mall, places where you usually get called out if you are taking pics. There’s a live view mode so I wouldn’t even have to hold the camera up to my face to take shots…I may try it sometime and see what happens.

      • What I do when I take everything with me is keep the main bag in the trunk of the car and then move from spot to spot. But the problem is, here it gets so absurdly hot, that I am afraid of trunk temperatures and what they will do to the equipment. So the only other thing I can do is either carry it, put it in a rolling suitcase (and risk looking homeless, as I drag that around, LOL — especially since I purposely dress down when I go around taking pictures), or put it in the back of the car with a blag cloth over it. But that makes me nervous. The bags we have are huge, so putting them over my shoulder is not an option if I want to walk for a few hours as I did last Saturday and the Saturday before. I am not sure how to solve this other than the one body/one lens solution. As for thousands on the lenses, oh yeah! I see that, easily. My next telephoto, the wide angle for the Nikon, and even the 50 mm are starting to run up a tab. But what choice is there? Better that than the hundredth watch or bracelet or necklace or whatever. I should start selling things on eBay to raise the cash (although I have no idea how to do that!), LOL.

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