Lightening Up

First of all I apologize for the rambling mess that is this post; it’s late and I am struggling to keep my eyes open, but I wanted to post some shots from today’s spontaneous set before turning in. So forgive me for being less than eloquent here.

I got off work early and decided to play around in makeup and take portrait shots,  then the best pic of the 500 I took was one where my face doesn’t show at all – go figure.


I love that top for photos, even though the cropped aspect of it is problematic. Sure I look OK in this photo, but there’s plenty of others were I most decidedly do NOT, which is why I tried to take all my photos of the head and shoulders only; I just missed the mark in some of  them like the one above. But the asymmetry and vibrant color really make it a good photography top, exposed skin notwithstanding. I actually cropped this one to share it on Facebook because I’m not totally thrilled with the amount of skin I’m showing here; it’s just that the shape my body made in conjunction with the curls and the one-sleeved top was very visually appealing, so I prefer this longer version to my Facebook one (which has cropped out the entire abdomen area. I’m a bit of a prude about skin-showing, what can I say).


Anyway, there’s the makeup. I think I did a pretty good job. I really wanted that yellow to pop, so I loaded up on it as well as on eyeliner and brow pencil (as usual). I even added a little cleft to my chin, but it may look more like I smudged off my makeup right there. not sure.

This next one was a mistake – I  meant to reduce the exposure of my Speedlite but accidentally increased it instead, and this shot was blasted out from the flash. I decided to try and edit one of the shots I took like this before I realized what I’d done, but on its own it wasn’t quite right.


The highlighted areas are all too flat and there’s a lot of purple tint to my skin, so I uploaded this one to Pixlr and came up with the following:


Eh, it’s a little campy but I like it all right. I have a lot more to process as I was actually playing around with light a lot in this set – using reflectors and off-camera Speedlites and what have you – and I took over 500 photos (!). But I ran out of time and energy tonight to edit any more than these, so more coming over the weekend I am sure!

8 thoughts on “Lightening Up

  1. The color in that top is really wonderful – I am in a purple mood this spring, so it really grabs my attention. The makeup is obviously dramatic and it works. The first shot is spectacular, but I like the last one too. I wonder if people actually wear that hair with so much purple in it, like for reals, out in the world? Great for costumes like this one. You did a great job on the skin effect too.

    • I thought I replied to this, but I guess I forget to hit ‘post.’ I’m sure I had purple like this in my hair for reals at some point or another – I used to mess with the color all the time when it was short. And thanks about the skin – i’ve really got that down now. Although I also discovered if use MAC’s Studio Fix powder foundation on my neck and decollete, I mean REALLY slather it on – it covers up a lot of my sun damage and makes my work post-processing MUCH easier. It gets all over whatever I’m wearing though, so sometimes if I’m more normal clothes I don’t want to do it.

      • I will have to check that Studio Fix powder out. I usually just use Bare Minerals and that seems to work well. I don’t have anything on my face, but I have a couple of blotches just below my collar bone that are from sun damage. I got a couple of really bad burns traveling (and growing up). Sometimes I am tempted to just daub them with clorox, lol!

  2. I too thought I commented on this yesterday, but maybe forgot to hit the post button.
    Your make up job is perfect.
    I agree, Bare Minerals is fantastic.
    Since you do a lot of special effects makeup, you may want to look at a company called, Cinema Secrets. They have a few retail outlets, but not many. There’s one here in Sacramento, but don’t know about your area. Lots of pretty wild stuff. They do have a Web site.
    Once again, great makeup job.

    • Thanks! 🙂 I will check out Cinema Secrets. I’d like to get some better foundation for photos; I just use my usual MAC Pro Longwear right now and probably could get good use out of some thicker stuff.

      • Believe me…their foundation is thicker. They use it to cover tattoos in the movies. Check out the colors for lips and eyes though. Have fun. 🙂

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