Favorite Shots

I got off my duff yesterday and filled out and scanned model releases so I could upload some of my self portraits to Getty Images, which got me to thinking I could do another “favorite shots” post like I did last summer. However, that turned out to be more of a chore than I anticipated; holy crap do I take a lot of photos! For my first gallery I’ll just focus on portraits and people:

In looking over all of that, it’s hard to believe that all happened in one year. It seems like much longer ago that I shot some of those…moving on to, well, everything else (you can click any photo to see it full-size, by the way – and I’m not sure why some of the thumbnails are bigger than others):

And to think these are just faves! Part of me wants to go through my external hard drives and clear out everything but my favorite shots – it’s recommended by a lot of photographers to keep me from getting overwhelmed, plus it makes it easier to find those photos when they’re needed. But man, I have soooo much stuff I just don’t know. I probably should at least weed out the non-processed shots, but again, so much time. I’ll add it to my list of things to do someday. As it is, I finally took “upload more self portraits to Getty Images” off my someday list, so there’s that!

11 thoughts on “Favorite Shots

  1. You do a great job of lining them up. Sometimes I struggle with that in WP. I actually miss your full set of photos that you had before the Flickr-forced error. You could probably make a living just selling those colorful selfies to Getty, maybe Shutterstock for the more traditional ones.

    • I use the ‘gallery’ feature for stuff like this, so WP lines them up for me. Still baffled by why the first two in the second gallery are bigger than the rest, though.

      I dunno if I could make a living off Getty, I’ve only ever sold one LOL. I still don’t think my stuff is all that marketable, at least not a stock photography. But we’ll see. I’ve not put much effort into it as of yet.

  2. Wonderful display of work. I do have a few favorites, but in reality, they are all great.
    Fantastic job of not only taking the pictures, but of putting together this collection.

  3. Love the snake foam headrest best from the first set and pics of animals go down great on google+ the most adorable is the wreath on your dog (his names slipped my memory) but I like the one of Simon too 3rd down.

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