Two More Days Down, Another Long Week

Had a decent weekend – spent Saturday with Doug and my father-in-law until late afternoon, then bummed around the house the rest of time finishing up Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Let me just say that I think Sharon Needles is fabulous, and I was so happy she won (yes, I know I’m about five years behind here, but I know next to nothing about this show and have no idea who’s won past episodes, so it’s like it’s all happening in the present moment for me). Now I’m on to Season 5 and loving every minute of it.

My Day 24 photo was taken in a hurry while I was in line at the brand-new Starbucks that was just opened up the street from my house. It has a drive-thru, something this entire area has been lacking until it came along, so I’ve been stopping by there every day in the afternoon for a little pick-me-up (my drink of choice is usually a Chai Tea Latte, if you care). I’d actually spied these huge photos they have on the wall before and always thought they’d be a good 365 shot one day, and since I was tired and out of ideas Saturday, I figured it was time, even though it meant another iPhone photo (shot through an open car window):

Day 24

This actually required a lot of editing to look cool, but in the end I liked the result. In light of all the iPhone photos I’ve been taking, though, I decided on Sunday I needed to kick  it up a notch and pull out the 7D and my macro lens to do something more interesting. I am still feeling pretty lazy, and didn’t at all feel like putting on makeup or anything, so I just whipped out the wighead again and took some macros of her face. Here was the first shot:

day 25

It was fine, but a bit boring, so I used my Nik Collection to give it more pop. The Analog filter has a double-exposure option, and it’s not one I’ve used much – but here it worked perfectly to add more interest:

day 25_final

Probably not something I would have done without the 365 project, but overall I like it.

I don’t have much more to say right now; this week promises to be pretty busy due to the dreaded “Parent Night” every high school has to have; for me it’s always a milestone in that once it’s over I feel like the hectic beginning of the year BS is behind me and the school year finally begins to settle into a more normal pace. But it promises to be another busy week so look forward to more crappy iPhone pics and sporadic, lazy blog posts in the near future. 


8 thoughts on “Two More Days Down, Another Long Week

  1. It is great that you have time to do this at all! Love the wighead shot. Dealing with the parents must be complex. Good luck with all that. Hope the FIL is doing well. It is good of you to be there with him. He is lucky!

    • It’s just a waste of time really; you bring them all in around 6 PM then rush them through all their kids’ classes to let them meet the teachers, then send them home. They get about 8 minutes per class plus about 3 minutes to rush from one class to another. I get that they want to meet all the teachers, but it’s not like anything meaningful happens, plus no matter what you do it always ends LATE when you have to get up at the crack of dawn the next day to teach. I wish someone would come up with a better system but there really isn’t one, and no school is brave enough to abandon it entirely. It’s one of those rather stupid but still expected things schools have to do.

        • It just isn’t done that way. I’m sure there’s some reason, not being able to require teachers to be there or not being able to get enough parents there or something. Who knows. It’s like the new research that just came out about how school should start later so kids can get more sleep, but then all these school districts who’ve tried it report in with all the different complications that make it next to impossible…i think this is probably one of those things where everything else has been tried and failed, so we do it this way even though it’s not ideal.

  2. I remember those parents meetings, from the perspective of the parent, they were crummy. I am sorry you have to do it as a teacher. As far as your iPhone shots, I like them. I know you are a photographer and probably look down on us iphoners. But I like them. As for Chai Tea Latte, I have never had it, but will have one and think of you! Good luck with the parents!

    • I know, that’s the thing – they’re as big a waste for the parents as they are for the teachers! Yet, everybody has them, just because we’re all used to them and would feel like we’d be missing something if we didn’t do it. Go figure 😉

  3. My parents never went to any parent/teacher meetings that I recall. I don’t think we had them in the schools I went to. Certainly never recall any in HS. I never had any problems (other than all the minor pranks I pulled and the teachers never caught me) in school so prolly wouldn’t have been much point. I knew better than to do anything that would get my parents attention cuz it would have been painful and expensive (allowance cut). I think the teachers wouldn’t have said much about me anyway as I never raised my hand and never answered questions unless asked. I did my homework in class as I never had much time after school.
    I think it would be best if the parents gave the kids strong incentives to do well and then talked to the teacher/s to ascertain whether the kids are and if not, why not.
    I really hope the students gain some measure of understanding the effort and love you put into your work. It is clearly evident to me that you do.

    PS. I now copy what I write, after the error, it works the 2nd time!

    • That’s so weird about comments, who knows. At least you’ve found a solution.

      I sure don’t recall there being a Parent Night when i was in school. but my parents were not involved at all in my education so they wouldn’t have gone anyway, As long as I didn’t fail any classes (I did) or kill anyone (I didn’t) then they didn’t concern themselves too much with any of it. I rather wish that they had, because I could have made much better grades if someone was watching, but it is what it is. 😉

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