Photoshoot Leftovers

A few more shots from last weekend that I’ve processed over the course of the week:



I thought this was another successful levitation attempt; I am getting better at the shadows for sure.


Not super-thrilled with this one; my face looks pinched and I’m not in the frame properly, but I did like that I’m in a leaping pose I’ve never captured before. I was actually jumping backwards off a stool that I edited out of the shot.


A much better jump, and is that dress amazing or what? Bought from the Kissing Tree as is most of my vintage finery. There are a few more leaps I made in this getup that I might process because it took great photos, but honestly, I’m already bored with this set and ready to get into something new.


Because I’d spent a long time on my makeup, I took a ton of portraits, but actually didn’t like most of them. I’ve gotten really boring when it comes to portraits and am in need of some new inspiration for them; I realized later that lately my makeup has always focused on being pretty, which limits what I can do once I’m taking the shots. I plan on taking portraits Saturday afternoon, and I’m going to go some really macabre makeup to try and inspire some better portrait posing. There’s only so many times I can give “pretty face” to the camera and feel original, and I’m rather done with it for awhile. We’ll see if spooky can conjure up any more interesting images.

But I do LOVE the colors in this wig:


Hopefully more later! Happy Saturday everyone!


5 thoughts on “Photoshoot Leftovers

  1. Well, right away I have to say I LOVE those pink colors. Wow! Great wig, fab dress (I assume it is very old or I want one stat). Makeup — awesome, check. I am amazed at how you get your lips to look so full in these. The shadows are perfect, you have mastered PS apparently. Haunting makeup and themes would be perfect for fall, so that seems like a logical phase to me, and I will look forward to them.

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