Photo Friday

I know it’s Saturday, but I took photos Friday so hence the title. I have’t processed many yet, but I took over 500 so who knows how long this will go on. It was a really fun shoot that was also productive; I was pleased with a lot of the shots. Here’s my favorite so far:


I really liked the lighting in this set; a fluorescent light behind me really works to outline the subject, especially the hair. And there’s the $10 ModCloth dress that keeps on giving. It worked great with the purple wig (which I had to discard after because I killed it) and with some added saturation the color was great. I took a lot in this dress that I like so there will definitely be more of these later.


I took these close-ups right at the beginning of the shoot, because I wanted to capture the makeup job before it started to get messed up. I followed one of Miss Fame’s makeup tutorials, and I haven’t followed a YouTube tutorial from start to finish in a long time. The results were worth it – I finally got my nose contoured right, which was my biggest success, and I didn’t even have a hard time getting the lashes on. I hated to take it all off later, because it took me about an hour to do.


I may a little over-softened here, but I do love this pose. The wig moved nicely and again, I like the effect of the light behind me when working against a black background. The t-shirt is a project started by a friend of mine, and this part of the shoot was really to just get a good photograph of it, but of course I took plenty just playing around with the wig also. Turned out to be difficult to get the entire slogan into a shot too, because the words fall off to either side (It says: “THUGMASTE – the badass in me recognizes the badass in you,” LOL) but I did manage to get one that I’ll share later.

That’s all I have for now! Going to see my mother today; she’s struggling a bit and quite honestly I think my dad is hovering over her too much and making her a little crazy. I’m going to go out there to see if I can help. Still have Monday off so going to enjoy the long weekend.

12 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. I have to say that these are without a doubt, 3 of the best photos I’ve seen of you in a long time. Your makeup/hair work is fantastic and the photography is amazing.
    Think I’ll watch Miss Fames YouTube video also. Don’t know if I can contour my nose enough to look any better, since I look like I’m smuggling an avocado between my eyes.

    Great work…love it.

    • Miss Fame has one tutorial I used the first time I ever tried full drag makeup and it was perfection. Not sure why I haven’t used her since then – she really explains things so that it comes out great. As a plus she is also a contestant on this season’s drag race.

      I was really pleased with this shoot. I guess I’m still learning because something this time went very right with the lighting that hasn’t happened before. I think I’ve been realizing I need to be constantly adjusting the lighting rather than set it up once and assume it will work for the whole shoot.

  2. Really love all three shots for different reasons that im not gonna share haha just kidding love the first because of the hair and I love purple, the dress is amazing and the light coming from behind. The second photo your brows look A-mazing. Same with the contoring of your nose pure perfection. And those lashes love them. And the third and final shot. The hair is very Farrah Fawcett, I also really like the light from behind and the look like As If!

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