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Several months ago, one of my friends showed up to work in this fabulous maxi dress, which was particularly notable because she’s someone who up until that point had never worn a long skirt in her life. I asked her what prompted her to buy such a thing and she told me her “Stitch Fix Stylist” sent it to her, and she loved it. Stitch Fix (if you sign up by clicking that link it gets me a referral credit, just FYI) is a company that’s all the rage right now; on their website, they take a profile of your personal style then send you “fixes” when you request them – you can request a scheduled monthly fix, or choose to get them more or less frequently. A fix is just a shipment of five wardrobe pieces, supposedly chosen based on how you answer initial questions about your style and then, as time goes on, also based on how you respond to the items in each shipment. You try everything on, decide what you want to keep, go pay for that stuff on the website and plop the rest of the clothes into a postage-paid mailer that you drop into any USPS mailbox, and that’s that.

It sounded pointless to me when I first heard about it, not being one who needs any help buying clothes; but after seeing my friend show up in three or four more fabulous outfits she got through the service I decided to give it a whirl. And one of the things I’ve appreciated about Stitch Fix so far is not how they zero in exactly on what I would love to buy for myself, but rather, the things they toss into the box that I never would have tried on had I come across them in a store. I think to get anything out of a service like this, you have to be willing to broaden your horizons – and be patient. My first shipment wasn’t all that great, and I only kept one of the five items, but I went to the site and gave very specific reasons why I didn’t like what I got, and my next fix was much better. Another thing I changed from my first fix to my second one – I upped my bottom line. You select a price range you’d like the clothes to stay within; I went for the cheapest level the first time out, and well, I got cheap stuff. So in my profile I bumped up what I was willing to spend, and between that and the feedback I gave the stylist, they really improved the second shipment. It was almost twice as expensive as the first one, but I kept three items instead of one.

So, I thought I’d let you know about the service now, because I’ve used them twice and found it enjoyable both times, as well as very little hassle. I also decided to snap some quick pics in the antique room I’ve mentioned before, just to see if it really would be a good place for photos now that’s it’s free of excess junkery. So, here you go – everything I’m wearing here is from my second “fix” and I kept all of it:

New clothes – with that just-out-of-the-bag wrinkled look

I’ve been looking for a kimono-style jacket that doesn’t cost a fortune for awhile, and although I really wanted a black one, I kept this one anyway. The tank underneath it is a nice staple I’ve also been trying to find – a sleeveless tank to wear under jackets that isn’t completely plain or too clingy.The jeans I did not need at all, and I never would have tried these on had I seen them in a store due to how “destroyed” the finish is, not to mention they are low-rise to the point of being obscene, but when I put them on I absolutely loved them – in spite of the fact that I have to wear very long tops with them due to the low-rise factor (plus, as you can see in the photo below, they photograph really well).

Still had the tags on everything when I took these as I was deciding what to keep

I think that shot shows the jeans and the tank much better, as well as the cool movement I can get out of the kimono. It’s hard to be overly impressed with five little pieces of clothing, I think, so the Stitch Fix stylist includes a printout with suggestions of how to wear each piece with other basics you might already have in your closet. Again, not really something I need or even pay attention to, but it helps generate more excitement about what might otherwise seem to be five random pieces of clothing – especially if they’re all rather basic, like mine were.

Here’s a shot of something I sent back, as well as another shot of the antique room (which is the real reason I’m sharing the photo):

Nothing like a top that makes stumpy legs look even stumpier

Um, yeah – this is why taking pictures of yourself in new clothes is a good idea. I thought I was going to keep this top until I saw the photos; it’s supposed to tie but I cannot stand things tied around my waist (I despise belts, too), so I thought I’d snip out the tie and wear it open as it is above. But it really doesn’t look good that way, and made me look frumpy. However, it’s the right idea for me, and I did like it a lot as far as the attitude of it goes. And by the way, that piano behind me belonged to my great-great grandparents.

As far as using this room for photos, I think the walls are really pretty but I’d use it more for portraits than full-body stuff for the most part. There’s a lot going on, and while my 17-40 is great at getting a whole lotta room into the shot, it keeps everything in such focus that it’s hard to know where to look, kind of. I do think with the 50mm lens and the framing on just the upper body, that wallpaper would make a beautiful background. And I also have that nice settee you can see in the other photos, as well as the piano, to use as props. The mirror behind the piano causes problems, as well as some huge pictures hung on other walls – but hopefully those could be taken down and put back up without much trouble. So, there you go. A little note about Stitch Fix, which just might be worth the hype, and a glimpse of the antique room I’m always talking about. You’re welcome.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about cost – you do pay a $20 stylist fee for each shipment, but it is deducted from the total of whatever you buy out of that fix. If you buy all five pieces in the shipment, you also get 25% off the entire order. So, worst case scenario would be that you keep nothing they send you, and you’re out twenty bucks. My first shipment was the one where I’d chosen the “low cost” option, and if I’d kept the entire shipment it would have been $187 (that’s with the 25% off). The cardigan I kept from that shipment was $48. For this shipment, if I’d kept everything, the total would have been $320 with the 25% off. The jeans were the most expensive item in this shipment at $128, then the kimono at $78, and the tank was $48. I know the jeans were pricey, but they look damn good on me, y’all.  Granted,I can’t gain an ounce or they won’t fit, but hey, exercise motivation (edited to add that the jeans actually stretched out perfectly and fit like a dream now!).


10 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Stitch Pics

  1. I like that idea and will check it out, def. Love the 1890s style of the room. I have never been a fan of wallpaper but that is a very pretty color and works perfectly with that Golden Era-style decor. Is that your real hair? Like the beach waves. And, amazingly, since I rarely wear jeans, I like that finish.

    • Please use that link because I’ll get $25 off my next order if you are a referral from me! 🙂 And I am surprised by how much I love the jeans, but I admit it’s the photographic potential that partly interests me. That’s where my 17-40mm really shines – it renders color beautifully, and those jeans just POP when photographed. But also, they are very flattering in spite of the plumber’s butt issue, LOL; they’re youthful but not trashy and a good length, nice pockets placed right on the tush, etc. It’s kind of amazing how well they fit for just being stuck into a box for me to try – BUT that’s part of the benefit to an expensive pair of jeans, to be sure. They do have much more flattering cuts and details.

      The hair is mine, yes – can you see the dark roots growing in? 😉 I bought something called a “bubble wand” to get some extra curl out of my fairly limp locks, and it works, but curling hair…such a pain. Still, if I want my hair to look good I have to commit to doing some work on it. No one’s hair looks fabulous without styling involved. I’m having to get used to that idea, having never had any length to my hair before.

      • I would def use that link! I believe in referrals. I bought that bubble thing. I was going to use it on my hair but G. said my hair wrinkles anyway and he prefers it straight so I gave it to Deanna, Annabelle’s mom for Christmas and she does magical things with it (but she has long hair and mine is just to the shoulders). Why would you ever wear a wig (except as a costume piece). Your hair looks great! I would not spend that kind of cash on jeans but I have been known to blow the wad on other things, so, you get what you pay for, quality-wise. Although, when I thought I might be going to Hawaii, I bought a whole bunch of stuff online from Forever 21 and took a chance as I had never ordered from them online before. Everything I ordered turned out to be a success (now that I am not going, LOL!). So, I have had great luck ordering online. By 45 I know what works on me.

      • Doug doesn’t care what my hair looks like as long as it is long, long, long – which it’s never been LOL. But my goal is to get it to the collarbones. I think any longer would be too much for me, and even that may turn out to be too much. I love waves and curls and am STILL flirting with the idea of a perm, but it scares me. My hair is just very flat and lies close to the head and I think a perm would not only give me better defined curl but some volume as well…curly hair is coming back into style so I think perms are on the fashion horizon too. But still, nervous about the idea.

        I’m a fairly good online shopper, but I am also so adventurous that I will try things because they are cheap and cool and then it’s a waste when it doesn’t look good on me. I have far too much ‘child-bearing hips’ going on for a store like Forever 21 unless I stick with tops, LOL! My lower half is full-on grown-woman shape, as you can tell from the jeans photo – yes I am still a size 4, but the rest of my body aside from the hips/tush/thighs is like a size 0, and that is NOT how they cut young women’s clothing! In fact, I’ve been shaped this way since I was a teenager and it was always so hard to fit my lower half when I shopped in the teen stores.

  2. I have been a 2 – 4 since HS, but buy everything in a 6 so I never have to worry about things being tight at certain times of the month, for example. I cannot stand anything tight at all — except that one WHBM dress I got for David and Laura’s wedding, which was an 8, ran really small and was as form fitting as a glove. Tight jeans make me crazy, too. I wear all my clothes roomy but not loose, not flowing. I need tailored stuff or I feel like a whale.

    • I love that jeans nowadays usually have stretch in them. These had 2% elastane; I wore them out and about today and they did settle nicely. Snug at first but in time they were quite comfy! When i was child my mom bought everything too big for me “in case” I gained weight, so as a result I never knew how to dress myself until a friend of mine in college asked me why in the world i wore clothes so big that they made me look huge. Now I am obsessed with getting everything to fit. I actually do have clothes in a size 6 (pants only) that I keep in a chest because I always find that by the end of summer I’ve put on five pounds – I pull those pants out and wear them until around October when i get back to my normal weight. LOL. I haven’t had a “time of the month” for years so I don’t have to worry about that at least!

  3. I too will take a look at Stich Fix, but I have to be honest and say that I don’t do well shopping online. There seems to be such a variance in size from company to company, I was spending more time sending things back that were either too small, or too big. Now, If I can’t try it on to check the fit, I don’t buy it.
    Love those sizes you two throw around, like 6 and 4 and 2 and…come on now 0.
    I love jeans and have ton of them. I’m part of a “0” also…meaning, a 10. Sometimes an 8 if I’m lucky. I have a problem with low rise jeans and always look for mid-hip or even to the waist.
    I’m disproportionate also. 10 on the bottom, but 12 on the top. Makes buying dresses difficult without alterations.
    Your pictures are all great and do agree with you that the purple top is not the most flattering, but still do-able.
    Love the room and the wallpaper is fantastic.
    I agree with Beth, your real hair looks great. I would get rid of all of those wigs. Why don’t you put them in a “Huge” box and send them to me. 🙂

    • LOL! Honestly, I don’t have many regular everyday wigs on hand anymore. But the costume wigs I’m definitely keeping for photos. I still feel like my real hair reads very flat in photos, but that may just be because I’m not used to it. And of course now it has dark roots with gray growing in…

      The nice thing about Stitch Fix is how easy they make it to return things. You literally just plop them into the bag and drop it into a mailbox – done. You can also start up a Pinterest board where you pin looks that you like and give the company a link in your profile – obviously they really do look at it, because they really nailed my style this time out so they must have looked at mine.

      Oh and one other thing I forgot to mention though is that when you first sign up it might take awhile to get your first shipment. I had to wait two months for my first one, and I was really irritated about it! But once you are in their system you get into the regular schedule and will get shipped stuff monthly. I am still surprised it’s been as enjoyable as it has; I really thought I would find it to be a total waste of time but it hasn’t turned out that way at all.

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