Portrait Portions

A few more photos from my recent portrait session here, but first, I have to mention the spike in traffic I saw on my blog yesterday. Keep in mind that for me, a spike in traffic means I went from about 30 views a day to almost 200, so overall I still don’t need to quit my day job or anything, but what the hell, it was still a big jump over my usual numbers. What did it was the Stitch Fix people finding my blog post from yesterday, and creating a pin on Pinterest of one of my photos (the one with the aztec cardigan). The Pin sent people to my blog to check it out, and here’s what happened to my stats:


I think you can tell where the spike is (and no laughing at those sad numbers, BTW). Always interesting when something like that happens, so I thought I’d mention it. Moving on to the shots – I have three more self-portraits to share, all taken after I’d starting destroying my costumery and makeup:


I edited the hell out of this one to reduce my skin tones and up the contrast; not sure I like the way it came out but at least it was something different.


I like this one better, and as I mentioned in my previous post about these shots, I really liked how cutting a hole in the top of the wig and pulling my own hair through it worked. It almost does look like a dye job on my actual hair instead of a wig (or half-wig as the case may be – and yes, half-wigs do exist. They just don’t work at all like this one). The last one utilizes these great costume glasses I got off Amazon a while back – in my current Sopranos-obsessed state they reminded me of Junior Soprano:


I Rad-Labbed and Dirty-Picture’d the hell out of this one to bring the light down and add some interest. I think it worked out well.

Speaking of glasses, I ordered new ones for my day-to-day life this afternoon and will of course take pictures of them when they come in. Oh and I’ve also discovered the joys of toeless socks, so I’ll have to write about that sometime too, won’t i? There is nothing I won’t write about here, after all, so please try not to go giddy with anticipation waiting for my yoga sock review. Happy Friday everyone!

16 thoughts on “Portrait Portions

  1. I like the effects you got with the pink/purple wig. Who would think of putting a hole in it? Creative. As for your all-time views, yours are twice what mine are. But I assume people are not stampeding to my blog (and that was actually my aim — low key), so I am grateful for 10K+!

  2. Love this series of picts. Especially like the one with the glasses.
    Congratulations on your jump in blog views. Just to give you a comparison, I run 10% of your numbers.
    Of course, my blog has absolutely no substance, which was actually what I was aiming for. Bulls eye.

  3. Your wigs are amazing. I like the photograph with the glasses too. The blue wig would look good with the Free People skirt you bought! Make it look a little more edgy. BTW, your comment about tailoring clothing really got me. I did send the shredded skirt back to California (blog printed out with it), but there is a shirt I have….ripped arms. The tailor took it in too tight. I took your advice and am making it over, buying fabric, etc. Then taking it back and volia! A new blouse! Thank you! No you do not spew nonsense.

    • Yay! I need to remember to do it more often myself. I will find some item of clothing that I love and then start to worry about it getting damaged or worn out, which is weird. I can get it fixed or get another one made that will probably be even better! Hope yours works out!

  4. You look so cute and so funny too! You could be a comedian actress with that look! And yet even with that makeup and hair style, you still look so beautiful! I like the middle photo the best, really gets me laughin that you can look like that! Great makeup work!

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